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Updated My Diagnosis And Timeline Pages

Updated: May 13, 2019

I realized that not everyone may know the story of what’s going on. I think I perhaps broke it down too much when I was first building my website. So I created a synopsis on my Diagnosis page that sums it all up fairly well, I think. Some of that same info is now on my Timeline, but I needed to update that anyways. I need to get access to my St. Joseph’s labs. Another thing for my To Do List come Monday, as well as more actual labs. Fun times!

I’ve spent my weekend just semi-desperately trying to decompress. It had worked very well, I’ve been laughing and acting like my normal dorky self. So, HUGE plus there! Aiden has been better, mostly. Dorien is also decompressing from me being stressed. I always struggle a bit with how emotional of a being he is. I try to influence his emotions as little as possible, which is extremely hard especially now.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Mother’s!

Edit : Just got lab’s on 5/13/19 from 5/7/19 and am posting them.

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