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UCSF For The Boys’

Monday was one of those days where I ended up so stressed out I was shaking more than what was just due to my medication. So, no post due to my desperate need to de-stress. I played a video game when I was able and just decompress.

Have I mentioned that I really and truly do not like driving on the highway? Two close family members dying via auto accidents and my mother being semi-disfigures from another leaves one kind of “meh” about the whole driving thing. That and I haven’t driven that far since before my diagnosis. Road trip to San Fransisco for the long awaited pediatric rheumatologist appointment was well worth the wait though! We got clarification which mostly put us ease, and at this point any little bit helps. The boys did very well on the trip, I even got video of them being silly in the doctors office. Might have to post it (cue evil mom cackle). The two doctors at UCSF we’re beyond delightful and even though they got very up close and personal with the boys it all went very well. All in all, very long two days.

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