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Today Was A Good Day

I very much appreciated the time of my new oncologist. A very polite and old school delight even with the severity of the situation.

I did stretches with Dorien in the am, who was home sick from school. The stretches let me feel SO much better through out my day. The difference was amazing. I’ve been doing jin shin jyutsu, finger holds, since I’ve been dealing with so much emotion as a form of directed meditation. I’ve been to physically sore to do much else the last few days. I was looking into fluid retention, unable to try some of the suggested foods due to dietary constraints. Movement was at the top of the list and just figured I’d try it even if it really hurt. I was going to try some yoga but ended up just moving with what felt right. I’ll probably go back to trying the yoga, but for my slow push back to “healthy” it was perfect. I even stretched this evening and I feel a positive difference. So, glad I just gave it a go!

Before the boys went to bed we had a very long conversation. It was amazing. Have I mentioned how proud I am of them? Having their own opinions and clearly formed moral lines with the level of stubbornness to stick to those lines is excellent. As is the fact that they have the drive to remain steadfast when influenced by others. The youngest had a friend stolen from today. It was a good learning experience. It also lets me get a little more information into their heads just in-case. I want them to know themselves well and be confident in their choices in life. To be able to process information well, to be able to apply said information but remain clear with what is right and what is wrong. I don’t want them to live life with regrets. Life is too short for that. Live it with an open heart and clear eyes.

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