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I Think It's Ready?

I started this website as a means of coping with my new reality. I'm going to go back over it of course just to check, but I think I'm done. I do feel a sense of relief. There was nothing out there that I had found as of yet coming from the non-professional end of things. Life management with the overwhelmingly daunting knowledge that without a doctor and their overbite I'm terminal.

I discussed more with my eldest, Dorien, this morning over a hot cup pf tea. He was again commenting how strange it was to see me just being active as well as actually eating complete meals. I told him how proud I was of him for having picked up some of my slack with the household chores while I was sick. I also admitted how appalled I was that he even needed to do so. I am confident that he will function well as a person going forward. He has plans to learn to drive in the next month or so and his life goals are developing well. Again, I am so proud of him!

We also talked about how, with the medication that I am on, my life will not be as long as it could have been had whatever happened inside of my body happened. There will be negative long term effects but Dr. Borrows is already doing her best to manage those. I joked about my swollen face and he just kind of chuckled and asked if it was permanent. I shrugged and laughed. I'm honestly just glad I'm alive. I didn't have medical coverage for most of my adult life. I happen to have it now because of the serious financial stipulations I am under due to both of the boys receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits. If I had not had medical coverage and if Dorien had not chided me into tell our nurse practitioner how I really felt I would most likely not be here right now. The strange and befuddling irony of it all.

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