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Financials, A Sickie And Great News!

Had been on the phone most of yesterday speaking with folks regarding financial aide during our time of chaos. Trying to get my ducks in a row. Not that I was not already organized before, it just takes time to not only find the right places to ask for help but to then gather everything required for said help. In the end though, everything has been documented and I’m not only referring to my financial state. Need proof of my medical and so forth. Even the referral that Sutter dropped so absolutely has been scanned in.

On a home note, Dorien is home sick again. Poor kiddo may have whooping cough. He keeps wanting to hug me because I’m warm and he feels like poop. He can’t hug me since he may get me sick as well all of which just makes him grumpier.

I do have some great news! Just been rushing to get this stuff for financial help done - MY KIDNEYS ARE AT 40% TOTAL FUNCTIONALITY!!! They had slid back to 26% but after chemo they’re back up! Will post as soon as I’m able all of what Dr. Borrows and I spoke about at my appointment yesterday. I just need to get this other stuff done first.

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