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On the amazing side of things I finally got in with a Hematologist! It is through a totally unrelated hospital but they are rushing me through so I’ll take it!!! I’ve been so stressed but I’m glad something is finally happening.

On an emotional note I’ve also been contacting folks who I’ve lost touch with over the last few years that would have appreciated know if I had passed. The experience has been strange but also heart warming and strengthening. We are so bad at keeping in touch, but the fact that we can just pick up where we left off shows me that they are all wonderful friends and I’m graced with their positive natures.

Aiden had therapy yesterday, I sat a bit of time in for that. Trying to figure out how much he should need to process was almost surreal in a way. I needed a little time to process him needing to process it, I guess? I think both of the boys have adapted beautifully. We’ve had hiccups and a few mini meltdowns but overall I’m so very proud of them both!

I’m back to not feeling as though I can do as much physically again before I’m just to exhausted but my mind is still very awake. Small favors yet monumental favors.

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