• Lynn

Exhaustion And Desperate For Normal

I guess the stress finally caught up with me. I’ve been utterly exhausted and just trying to feel semi-back to normal. I’m not there quite yet but I think I’m gaining ground. Maybe?

A few big things have happened, but otherwise we’re just trying to have ‘normal’ days. Days where something major doesn’t happen. We need ‘normal’ with almost feverish desperation.

We were approved for SOS, which would cover our rent for the month, which turned into something a bit more complicated. It went through and my landlord seems happy with the results so I’ll call that a win. Aiden had an epic meltdown, which is rare for him. I think he needed it though.

I really have been just so tired. I have started slowly looking for an attorney since I got absolutely no response from the media. I just want Sutter to change their policy. It’s so frustrating.

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