STREAMLINED : My Dietary Needs

I can scan down through the Low Phosphorus list on what is allowed, pop on Yummly and look for my recipes  then import them into Plan to Eat. I then figure out my meal plan for the week and have my grocery list ready to go! A huge headache and almost continual freak out mostly averted. I miss my chocolate and asparagus though.

Low Phosphorus Foods

Lists foods that are okay or not okay to eat for those w/serious renal issues app

Honestly, finding a consise list online was very difficult because there are so many different dietary restriction opinions. The extreme diet change has been causing me so much stress! I have complied my own list of oils, ways of cooking and such that are’t included on the list but still, it is such a relief to have the list with other options so readily available, easy to read and offers exchange suggestions! The link below is for IOS, but they do have a Android version.



Food recipe finder and organizer app

Being that my food restrictions are so insane the fact that I can find a recipe with ingredient specific meals and ingredient limits is AMAZING! Yes, everyone loves Pinterest but it’s all really just a mess while Yummly is so well organized and recipient from all over the web as well as importable though that part needs help.


Plan to Eat

Recipe book, meal plan and grocery list app

They don’t have much of anything in the recipies that they offer, so I have been importing directly from Yummly which is REALLY EASY to do. It only cost me a few minutes and the app nice like organizes everything for me. So far, the meal plan is really simple as is the grocery list. Wish they had a ‘pantry option’ which would make it even that much better knowing what I already have on hand. The fact that it costs $40 a year is ouch but a MUST since its recipe importing is so well done, can’t stress that enough.


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