Apps to finding my new normal.


Figure out how to best help myself so that I can help my doctors and support team.

THIRD STRATEGY IMPLEMENTED : Adapt to the new life shift.








Down to a handful minutets throughout my day.


Progressing well.

Not going to lie, everything is overwhelming. I am of the opinion that the best way to find my new normal is to find the sweet spot with both medication and health. The kicker though is that I am a creature of habit and I know myself well enough to admit that I need to make maintaining my health a habit. So, as with most things in my opinion, less is more. I need the apps I incorporate into my daily habits to be both beneficial and help my doctors, support system and myself. I did check out more than several of the Lupus apps. More than several are directly linked to health organizations, which is a pity. Also, since I have an autoimmune nephitic disease but am not positive for Lupus it was this weird quasi uncomfortable feeling.

STREAMLINED : Medication, Symptom, Health Tracker

Medisafe really is where medication tracking is at and has every angle covered. Seriously, I had to constantly look at my bottles even with my pill organizer which just took more time. Flaredown tracks my conditions, symptoms, medicine/treatments (since some are as needed), emotional tags and graphs it so that it’s easy for my doctor and support system to skim. The hydration number I grab from My Water and I can honestly say that taking note of the specifics has been easy to incorporate into my daily routine once I got a clear gist of was worth my time for each app.


Pill tracker app

EXCELLENT for tracking my meds, keeping track of what/when I need to take and the images for pill recognition are the closest I found. It also keeps track of perscripton number, pill count, notes how to take each pill, as well as walks you through side effects. Even my Nurse Practicter was impressed and took its name down when I showed her via the app what my Nephorologist had perscribed. Definite keeper. COST : FREE


Condition, symptom, treatments, health factors and summery graphing app

This is the best one I found for marking such specifics for easy browsing. Took me a few days to get it all straight, had to backtrack and get the right words in the right categories. Once it gets straightened up and everything marked correctly it is REALLY easy to use and navigate. The app does not food intake, but I’ve hidden it because it just gives a lot of unnecessary data points... it just kept listing them. You can also download all of your data but, thus far I haven’t been asked for them since skimming my list seems sufficient. There is a social chat aspect to the app, I have no interest in using. The only serious downside is having anonymous users daily postings popup to read below your own journal entry. It makes me feel uncomfortable and they should have left ‘journal sharing’ out.


My Water

Health and hydration app

I had already had this on my phone from when I was trying to hydrate more. It was the most easy to use with the widest selection of drink/calculation ratio that I could find. I am beyond lost when it comes to trying to remember what all I’ve had to drink in a day, let alone count it. The moving liquid equaling how much more daily hydration I need to go filling up my screen is clever and makes it fun. I chose to pay for the more advanced version for wider calculation choices.


STREAMLINED : Journaling the life altering event.

I am of the opinion that both our minds and time are priceless, so maintaining my mental health is extremely important to me. Keeping a record for myself, the medical team or perhaps for my boys later down the road is worth my time and effort.


Note taking multifaceted monster app

I’m not going to lie, I have been using this app for both life and work for years. Everything is so well integrated that it helps me with my research as well as let me keep a journal on all of my electronic devices. I have paid for the subscription in the past when my work projects required multiple people or more than two devices with the app installed to have access. I do appreciate the idea that if I or someone need a bit more help, perhaps paying for the subscription and giving access to a care taker may help with open communication.


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