I have RPGN.

My paradigm shift of living with a

Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis (RPGN) diagnosis.

Communication is key with a good majority of life.

We learn, we grow and develop.


Being graphic designer I have the skills and ability to create and maintain this site. In all honesty this site is my coping strategy. It's my cathartic way to organize and process the very real impact of my incurable diagnosis. Having only the bare minimum of social media in my daily life so, this site is my gateway to my journey through my new reality as : one part communication hub with my own friends and family;

as well as for any folks suffering or learning of RPNG. 


Whether this site is for prosperity or the long-term,

this is my now and it's terrifying.


All verbiage on my site may be read with a reader app.

Please, put up your feet, leave your thoughts or just take some information with you. 

- Erika-Lynn "Lynn" Anderson

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